Yarnnakarn Artisan Pottery Candle holder

Yarnnakarn Tableware Catalog (US Dollars)

STILL LIFE Tableware collection

Tray / Platter / Plate / Bowl / Mug / Accessories

YARN Tableware collection

Dish / Bowl / Tray

TEXTILE collection

DRIED FLOWERS COLLECTOR Tableware collection


LONGING collection

RUSTICS collection

Tray / Platter / Plate / Bowl / Pitcher / Mug / Container

OCEANOLOGY Trinket Tableware

Platter / Plate / Dish / Bowl / Spoon / Accessories

Facts: Our craftworks undergo the delicate technical process and high-temperature firing. High Temperature Stoneware is a ceramic that offer excellent stability at temperatures exceeding 1200 °C which makes it durable to any weather condition. Moreover, Yarnnakarn tableware have obtained the certification for Food Safety for U.S. Cal Prop 65 and Japan Food Sanitation Act.

Use & Care: Our Tableware is Food-safe and durable for gentle use. Microwave and oven are applicable use with caution, due to the combination of cold food and rapid heating creates heat distribution that might cause crack. Dishwasher-safe with caution, due to the delicate forms. Avoid acids, clean with mild dishwashing soap. Handwash for best care. *Matte glaze items are not scratch resistance.


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