Yarnnakarn Artisan Pottery Candle holder

Use & Care Guide

Thank you for choosing Yarnnakarn’s handmade pottery tableware.

To preserve their allure, please follow these tips:

Handmade Pottery Tableware: Care Guide

Unique Characteristics:

Handmade pottery’s color, texture, and size variations underscore its authenticity and natural ingredients.


Use mild soap and warm water for gentle handwashing. If machine washing, exercise caution due to delicate forms and details.


Safeguard intricate glazing with non-metallic utensils, especially for Semi-Matte and Matte glazes.

Display & Storage:

Embrace uniqueness; avoid harm by refraining from stacking delicate pieces.

Important Note:

Our pieces aren’t suitable for microwave, oven, or stovetop use.

Steam Exposure:

Prevent thermal stress by shielding pottery from steam.

“We appreciate your support. Please, enjoy your pottery!”